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Coaches, speaking professionals and corporate leaders use the Blind Spot Assessment™
to Transform Their Clients, Team Leaders and Employees from the Inside Out.

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The Simplest, Most Impactful Assessment For Positively Impacting Leaders and the People They Lead...

Unlimited Use for Unlimited Uses! 

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Take your leadership to the next level. Here's how...

Enlighten your clients, audiences, and employees without fear of cost

We provide you with your own branded Blind Spot Assessment and teach you how to use it in your business.

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“Cut to the chase” on your first prospect interaction

You learn how to get right to the heart of the prospects issue on your first interaction, not your third or fourth. Our methodology makes that first conversation natural and easy.

Convert more prospects into paid clients

You learn how to convert more prospects into paid clients, fast! We provide the training, scripts and tools to convert prospects easily and quickly.

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Build meaningful and transformative client relationships

Retain your clients longer as you guide them through their personal and team transformation into a more highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent person, team and leader.

Save time, money and frustration on marketing and sales

We coach you on your business so that you can focus on what you do best... helping your clients. Now you have the marketing tools, sales scripts and coaching guidance you've been lacking.

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5 paying clients in 30 days!


What Our Members Have Come To Love!


Unlimited B.S. Assessment

The simplest, most actionable assessment on the market! Most assessments cost you a per-use fee. You have unlimited use of your own branded Blind Spot Assessment - always! Use it for lead-gen, coaching and teamwork training.

Fast Start Boot Camp

Instant access to our online training so you can be up and running the same day your account is activated. Learn how to understand and adapt to the different styles. Start generating leads immediately!


Weekly BS Breakthrough Thursdays 

Join us, your peers and other guests in our weekly team culture group coaching session. Be connected with and learn from like-minded coaches around the globe. Be introduced to the group as our Certified Blind Spots Navigator.

Marketing Toolkit

Learn how to drive traffic to your complimentary assessment. We provide the images, scripts and strategies so you can start marketing immediately.


Corporate Training & Coaching

Learn what to say and when to say it to have meaningful conversations that convert prospects into paying clients. Get your foot in the door with corporate clients. Teach them how to facilitate blind spot discussions in their team meetings. Bring them on the Leader's Journey™ to develop a high-trust, high-functioning team culture.

Certification Credentials

Add the Certified Blind Spot Navigator™ training and credential to your existing toolkit to enhance your ability to serve your clients. The more tools and methodologies you have available, the better you can serve your clients. Blind spots is a hot topic. Join the official global community of Certified Blind Spot Navigators.

As a Business Leader, What Are Your Blind Spots?

17% are Competitors... 13% are Analyzers... 38% are Motivators... and 32% are Peacemakers....

Which Style are You? Your Clients?

Take the assessment for a test drive today!


The Blind Spot Assessment™, a foundational tool provided to our community, is based on the DISC human behavior science and field tested with thousands of participants since 2016. Developed by Blind Spots Global CEO & co-founder, international speaker, trainer, coach and bestselling author of Blind Spots - Why Good People Make Bad Choices, Kevin McCarthy, CSP. Kevin holds the highest certification recognized globally by the speaking industry, Certified Speaking Professional.

You receive unlimited, branded use of this world class assessment when you join the Blind Spots Global community of professional coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants.

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Blind Spots Global provides a business solution to a global community of professional coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants to help you generate leads and provide human behavior insights to your clients. Become a Certified Blind Spots Navigator. Join us!


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