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- Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret.,
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Just Some of the Organizations Using the Blind Spot Assessment

How the Blind Spot Assessment is Being Used


Engage your audience in multiple ways by adding the Blind Spot Assessment into your keynotes. Grow your email list at the same time with incredible results.


Use the Blind Spot Assessment toolkit to train your breakout groups and corporate teams on how to work and communicate together more effectively.


Use the Blind Spot Assessment as a group or individual coaching tool. Help your clients build better relationships, make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

Website Lead Gen

Embed the Blind Spot Assessment inside your website and start capturing more leads. Add optional fields to further qualify your leads.

HR Recruiting

Have your recruits complete the Blind Spot Assessment so your hiring managers have a better understanding of their temperament.

Team Building

Use the Blind Spot Assessment and our team building resources to build trust and transparency amongst your team members.


What does certification include?

Unlimited Use - powerful!

Use the Blind Spot Assessment with as many people as you would like for one flat subscription fee. No more per-assessment bloat.

Your Branding

Add your logo and brand color to the Blind Spot Assessment questionnaire and results.

GDPR/CCPA Compliant Lead Capture Form

Each Blind Spot Assessment requires a minimum of the user's email and name. Additional fields can be added upon request.

CRM Integration

Sync your leads into your CRM or Email Marketing software automatically through our Zapier integrations.

Custom Call-to-Action

Add a call to action button and text at the end of the results reports. Encourage your users to schedule a call or visit your website or upsell them to your course or product.

Embed on Your Website

Embed the Blind Spot Assessment into your own website just like the one embedded on this page.

90-minute Online Certification Training

Learn about all eight different Blind Spot Styles with this fast-paced, easy to learn, online training certification course. 

Blind Spot Assessment Toolkit

Get full access to the tools you need to succeed with the Blind Spot Assessment.  Powerpoint slides, PDF Reports, DFY Keynote & Breakout presentations.

Blind Spots Certified Practitioner

Get the credentials and recognition you deserve as a Blind Spot Certified Practitioner.

Guaranteed Pricing

Lock in your subscription fee and never experience a price increase for the life of your account.


Additional Value for Advanced Practitioners

Assign & Send Unique URL's

Send the Blind Spot Assessment to select individuals with a unique URL that can be set to expire by date or by count. Perfect for bundling the Blind Spot Assessment into your coaching or training proposals. 

Your Custom Domain

Use a custom domain other than your website to send and manage Blind Spot Assessment links to individuals.

Marketing Links with Tracking

Create unique mass marketing links with UTM link tracking so you can track the effectiveness of each social media, advertisement or email campaign you initiate. 

QR Codes

Auto-generate QR codes for each link you create. Use this in marketing, on your business cards or in your powerpoint slide presentations.

Blind Spots Advanced Certified Practitioner

Join the elite and get the advanced credentials and recognition you deserve as a Blind Spot Advanced Certified Practitioner.

Access to New Assessments

Gain access to and unlimited use of the new assessments as they are added to the platform in 2024 and beyond. Emotional Intelligence, Big Five Factor, Teamwork, and more.


Experience the Blind Spot Assessment For Yourself Now

For every great strength you have a potential blind spot.

The Blind Spot Assessment™ developed by Advanced Certified Human Behavior Consultant Kevin McCarthy, CSP, is a simple, practical, easy-to-remember, and universally applicable model. It reveals individual patterns of external, observable behaviors. You’ve joined the ranks of tens of thousands of people around the world who have completed the Blind Spot Assessment. This report provides you with a concise guide to your strengths and potential blind spots. Most people deeply identify with the results.

There are four primary styles: Competitor, Motivator, Peacemaker, and Analyzer, and four blended styles: Energizer, Connector, Stabilizer, and Controller.

Discover your internal drivers.

We all have internal drivers that shape who we are and how we behave. Internal drivers are subconscious assumptions you may have made in early childhood about how the world works. You may have developed these assumptions as early as three years old. These beliefs are not bad. When you recognize them, you’ll have a more precise understanding and interpretation of your world. By recognizing these subconscious internal beliefs, you can adapt your style to others more quickly and make better decisions. 

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